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Mosaic Center Membership

At the Mosaic Center for Work, Life + Learning, we are committed to meeting people wherever they are in their life journeys as we work together to identify goals and take meaningful steps toward achieving them.

Our coaches are dedicated mentors, compassionate listeners, and outstanding cheerleaders—but they can’t do the work for you. Progress takes time, effort, and commitment.

Your free Mosaic Center membership is simply how we commit to working together.



  • There is never any charge for Mosaic Center services. While fees or tuition expenses may be required for certain education or training programs, our team will work to connect you to the resources you need to achieve your goals.


  • Every journey is different. Our members include people of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations, all with one thing in common: a desire to grow their careers in healthcare.


  • Like most things in life, you only get back what you put into your work with us. To be successful, members need to meet regularly with our team and actively work toward their goals.


  • Every journey is different. Your membership will continue as long as you are working toward career advancement and actively pursuing short or long-term goals related to education, financial stability, etc.

Get Started


Is a Mosaic Center membership right for you? Find out today by completing our member interest form and getting in touch with our team. The process is quick, easy, and obligation-free.


The first step on our journey together, New Member Orientation sessions are offered by the Mosaic Center on a weekly, rotating basis. These sessions are held online and in-person and cover all the important details you need to know about becoming a member.


After completing orientation and submitting the required paperwork, new members will schedule a time to meet with our coaches for a special intake session, where we’ll ask and answer lots of questions about where you are, where you want to go, and how the Mosaic Center can help.


Meet with our coaches on a continuing basis (virtually or in-person) as you work toward achieving your short and long-term goals. The frequency of these meetings and the length of your membership depends entirely on what you want to accomplish.

Eligibility Requirements

While we are passionate about helping all people who want our support, Mosaic Center members must:

  • Live and/or work in Marion County, Indiana.
  • Be actively pursuing career advancement within the healthcare industry.
  • Not already hold a four-year college degree (i.e. bachelors or higher).

Those who do not meet the above criteria may be eligible for a referral to one or more of our partner organizations. Please contact us with any questions.

Employment Opportunities

While our services are geared toward improving access to healthcare careers, Mosaic Center members are not required to work for any specific employer — now or in the future. However, as a part of Indiana University Health, the Mosaic Center is well-positioned to connect jobseekers to openings across the organization as we begin our member relationships.

*Please select Referred by the Mosaic Center when submitting an application to IU Health.

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