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Mar 7, 2024

May 14 Webinar: Building Generational Wealth

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What does financial success look like to you?

For most of us, achieving our financial goals takes a great deal of hard work, sacrifice, and patience. Earning enough to afford our monthly expenses is usually a good start, and paying off debts, setting and sticking to a budget, and saving for the future are often high priorities after finding that initial stability. But what comes next?

Generational wealth is a popular term among financial planners that simply refers to assets passed down from one generation to the next. Achieving this type of financial success has many benefits that go beyond the obvious long-term security, including the many opportunities that you can help create for your children, grandchildren, and beyond. But building generational wealth doesn't happen overnight and typically begins with simple steps that you can take right now to establish a strong financial foundation.

Join the Mosaic Center team and our partners May 14 for this educational, interactive webinar exploring the importance of generational wealth, some common challenges and systemic barriers, and how to begin working toward your long-term financial goals no matter your starting point.

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